About Us


About Us

A.H. GASTROCARE & SPECIALITY CLINIC is an organization which was founded in the year 2011, November 11th, with a motive and view of diagnosing and treating all kinds of digestive diseases, now is 3 years old and is growing from strength to strength.

Our founder Mr.P.A. Khan’s vision is to establish a unique speciality clinic to treat all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases under one roof.

Our Medical Director Dr. A. Mohamed Jaan, is a Medical Gastroenterologist, a doctor with an extraordinary thought, in diagnosing, treating and follow up of patients with utmost care.

Our Director, Dr. Almas Jaan, is an expert radiologist who has profound expertise and experience in her field, which makes

her special and the most important stepping stone to climb the ladder of health. She is heading the Ultrasound unit which is fully equipped with latest hitech ultrasound machines.

A.H. Speciality Clinic is one stop Gastrocare setup, additionally, terminal care for senior citizens and Alcohol deadiction centre, in north Chennai, a mission to provide quality medical care to the needs of varied patient segments in north Chennai. The staff is well trained to act promptly during emergency situations. Diagnosis is the first step for management of a patient. Our team of doctors provide the best service to our patients. Diagnostic reports are delivered in fast pace. The speciality clinic utilizes sophisticated technology for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose manned by specialist doctors and trained technicians. Hi tech equipment, doctors trained staff, dedicated nurses provide importance to each and every patient.